Ujung Kulon National Park field training of SMART Marine Patrol for Rhino Protection Unit


_DSC1328-editDecember 13, 2019, in collaboration with Ujung Kulon National Park we just completed the field training of SMART Marine Patrol for our newly established Rhino Patrol Unit for Ujung Kulon National Park Marine Area.

With just a little bit more technical training, these guys, together with National Park staff, Police, and Navy staff will jointly patrol and monitor the marine area of the National Park on a regular basis as prevention and deterrent of any potential threats to biodiversity, particularly against Javan rhinos, with rapid reaction law enforcement standing by at a moment’s notice.

Member of this unit were recruited from villages surrounding the national park through a rigorous selection process.

Community active participation is a very important key determining factor in saving a critically endangered species and in restoring as well as safeguarding biodiversity.

YABI with support from IRF is supporting the government of Indonesia Kemen LHK in saving javan rhino and their natural habitat.



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