A Visit by Young Rhino Warriors to Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) Way kambas NP


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On February 17, 2020, we hosted a visit by 39 students and 14 teachers from Studio Alam elementary school of Sekolah Alam Indonesia , to Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National Park. Facilitated by staff from Way Kambas National Park and YABI SRS Staff, the visit to SRS were filled with fun experiential learning about rhino breeding conservation in their natural habitat.

Students conducted two main activities; class session on best practices, stories and lessons learned, with presentation from Way Kambas National Park, SRS staff and from students, and ended with Q&A from rhino conservation practitioner, who shared their experiences in taking care of the rhinos in the facility.

The activities continued with trekking the nature trail, observing and being present in the natural habitat of Sumatran rhino, its flora and fauna, rhino’s natural feed, and important species living in the habitat. Students also visited the paddock to observe rhino being taken care of by their keeper.

Due to the volume of participants, the trekking were divided into two waves, in effort to maximizing student experience and adhering to the strict safety standard for students visiting the facility. Students were observed to be very enthusiastic in learning through experiencing first-hand the conservation being conducted in the SRS.

Prior their visit, they also planned and implemented a fundraising campaign for SRS; not only donating money, the students also designed and donated 31 sling bag for SRS staff to help them conducting their daily responsibilities in the SRS, as well as handmade rhino dolls as memorabilia of their visit.

Nurturing younger generation to love and to take care of the environment is never an easy task, especially given the monumental challenges coming our way to save Indonesian rhino from extinction, let alone to recover their population in their natural habitat. But the task needs to, and must be done simultaneously. It can only be achieved through hard work, your support and our partnership.

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