Aceh Province Officials Visit to SRS Way Kambas National Park



Way Kambas National Park and Rhino Foundation of Indonesia YABI on November 28 hosted a visit in Way Kambas Sumatera Rhino Sanctuary by Aceh Province officials, led by the Province’ Guardian Wali Nanggroe Malik Mahmud al-Haytar along with officials from East Aceh district and Aceh provincial government.

The visit aimed to get a more technical and expert view from existing Rhino Sanctuary to establish a new Rhino Sanctuary in East Aceh, in a bid to prevent the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros from becoming extinct.

The TNWK and YABI’s conservationists  presented a technical view on how to establish and manage a successful rhino sanctuary,  and guests from Aceh observed firsthand the scale of the facility.

Malik Mahmud during the visit stated, “A rhino conservation site will be built in Aceh,” Responding to the Aceh provincial government’s plan to build a SRS, Head of the Way Kambas National Park Subakir welcomed and supported the plan, “We are willing to deploy experienced professionals to the East Aceh-based rhino conservation site,”



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