Lampung governor wants to see an MoU by December 2019 for Sumatran Rhino conservation joint cooperation

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The governor of Lampung province Arinal Djunaidi on October 30, 2019 officially opened the expansion of Sumatera Rhino Sanctuary in Way Kambas National park, as part of commemorating the world rhino day 2019.

In his speech, the Governor pledged very strong commitment from the province to play a leading role in saving the Sumatran rhino, “Good quality forests will support life and even increase its population who are dependent on the forests including Sumatran rhino,” … Therefore in the context of saving the Sumatran rhino, a decision was made by the Director-General of KSDAE regarding the Emergency Action Plan for saving the Sumatran rhino population in 2018-2021. So we have to follow it up, it could be a Governor’s Decree, it could be an MoU that we must agreed upon otherwise it will only be an archive. So if the Head of the National Park, the Head of BKSDA is smart, this must be advanced by a level below the regulations issued by the Director-General, (a follow-up policy) below that level, I’m waiting. ”

The expansion provides an additional 120 hectares of natural habitat for an additional Sumatran rhino to naturally propagate in a safe and scientifically maintained environment, equipped with experts and doctors who take care of them 24/7. The expansion is also part of the preparation to welcome additional rhinoceros captured in the wild, in order for the rhinos to propagate naturally in a safe and secure natural environment. Currently, Sumatran rhino’s forest natural habitat is shrinking, with Sumatran rhinos cornered in isolated natural enclave at a rate that will not accommodate an increase of population. A joint consortium program called Sumatran Rhino Rescue is currently being implemented, with the main task, amongst others, to undertake search and rescue operations to move isolated Sumatran rhinos to managed conservation breeding facilities.

Around 500 guests attended the event, including all sectors of provincial government apparatus; the Governor of Lampung Province, Biodiversity Conservation Director from the Environment and Forestry Ministry, Head of Way Kambas National Park, Lampung Provincial Government officials, Lampung vice-head of police, commander of Lampung marine military base, East Lampung Regent, International Rhino Foundation Representative, IUCN SSC, Way Kambas National Park Staff, KLHK Partners and Community Groups from the park’s surrounding village.

This event also marks the celebration of World Rhino Day 2019, with the sincere hope that Sumatran rhinos can breed in their natural reserves and that forest habitat and biodiversity can grow and develop when it comes time for them to return to their natural habitat. This expansion provides an additional 120 hectares of natural habitat for more Sumatran rhinos to breed naturally in a safe and scientifically maintained environment, complemented by experts and doctors who treat them 24/7.

During the event, the governor’s visited the rhino quarantine enclosure to see the rhino being transferred from the SRS quarantine enclosure to the corridor on their way to SRS II, planting Sumatran rhino feed and signing ceremony of the inscription by the Governor of Lampung and Director-General KSDAE representative.

The development and operations of Sumatera Rhino Sanctuary are supported by International Rhino Foundation in support of the government it Indonesia’s effort to have Javan and Sumatran rhino no longer in the IUCN critically endangered species list.


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