Ujung Kulon National Park Marine Rhino Patrol Unit Inaugurated


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Ujung Kulon National Park Rhino Marine Patrol Unit is now officially in-operation on 23 January 2020, in a ceremony led by Secretary of the Directorate General KSDAE, Ministry for Environment and Forestry, Ir. Harry Subagia M.Sc.

The unit is part of  Ujung Kulon NP program for Javan rhino conservation, in partnership with Rhino Foundation of Indonesia YABI and fully supported by the International Rhino Foundation.

The event was also attended by the chief of Ujung Kulon National Park Ir. Anggodo, MM, Executive Director of the Rhino Foundation of Indonesia, Widodo Ramono, members of the Rhino Marine Patrol unit, their families, and especially local communities from around the national park.

Apart from patrolling and securing the Marine area from potential threats and destruction to Javan rhino and its natural habitat, the unit will also monitor and collect information on the biodiversity of their patrol area.
The unit consist of the crème de la crème of Ujung Kulon youth selected through a rigorous process and have gone through a list of trainings to equip them with the latest available skills.

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