In House Training Patrol Protection For Wildlife and Its Habitat


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Partnership and capacity building are two key elements for conservation of biodiversity to succeed.

Just recently on February 7 and 8, 2020, in the town of Gisting, just in the outskirt of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, YABI with Bestari program, in support of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry held an in-house patrol training for protection of wild animals and their habitat. The training was attended by 60 representatives from Rhino Patrol Units and Forest Ranger of Bukit Barisan Selatan and Way Kambas National Park, YABI, WCS, UNDP Tiger Project, and KfW PCU and TWNC.

Aiming to refresh and improve the skills and knowledge of the joint rhino protection unit personnel, the training presented class sessions and field practice, facilitated by a senior forest protection trainer, and former KLHK senior official, Ir. Waldemar Hasiholan. In the training, participants were presented by updates and field training on protocols and practice upon finding of potential crime against wildlife, protected species and habitats. Result from the training will also be used to improve and refine training curriculum for the patrol of wildlife and habitat protection.

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, currently a UNESCO world heritage, is experiencing a rapid degradation of its natural habitat due to manmade and natural causes, including the habitats of rhino, tiger, elephant and other threatened species. The matter is added by a shortage in personnel to cover the 133,876,645 hectares national park. It was evident that efficiency is the way to go through improving and refreshing the skills, as well as equipping personnel with better and more efficient equipment.

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