If thriving in their natural forest habitat, Rhino can preserve forest and reduce the negative impact of climate change

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As part of commemorating 10 years of Climate Reality Indonesia, YABI in collaboration with Climate Reality Project implemented an event in Bogor. Taking the theme of “Rhino of the Forest Preserver; Reducing the Impact of Climate Change,” the event containing a talk show for adults and students, and also a colouring competition for children, aiming to introduce rhino and its importance for the environment from an early age. The event was held in a mall; Lippo Plaza Ekalokasari, in Bogor, West Java.

The colouring competition was participated by 23 children from various elementary school around the city of Bogor, while the interactive talk show was attended by 71 participants, that consist of university students and researchers, as well as journalists.

The event presented Widodo Ramono/YABI Executive Director, Drh. Zulfi Arsan, coordinator of the veterinarian at Sumatera Rhino Sanctuary, The Climate Reality Project Indonesia Manager Dr. Amanda Katili Niode, WCS Indonesia Program CoordinatorMuhammad Muslich, Head of Sub-Directorate for Ecosystem Recovery, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Dr. U Mamat Rahmat,  and Jony Yuwono from PT Sinde Budi Sentosa.


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