Happy 28th Birthday Ujung Kulon National Park


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Ujung Kulon National Park has just celebrated its 28th anniversary on February 26, 2020, celebrated by holding the Ujung Kulon 2020 Festival, which was attended by various elements of the Ujung Kulon community. Held in the Multipurpose Building, the Community-Based Conservation Education Center in Legon Pakis – Tanjung Lame, Ujungjaya Village, Sumur District, Pandeglang Regent, Hj. Irna Narulita, SE, MM had the opportunity to attend the event.

Several series of events were carried out at the event, including the Inauguration of the Location of the Community-Based Conservation Education Center, the construction of which was carried out in 2019 with funding coming from the State Sharia Securities (SBSN). Some of the infrastructure facilities built in the location will be managed by the people of Ujungjaya Village and surrounding areas with a cooperation mechanism in order to support the Eco Tourism in Kulon Kulon National Park and as one form of community empowerment that is expected to improve the economy of the Ujungjaya Village community.

The inauguration was marked by the signing of the inscription by the Regent of Pandeglang followed by the signing of the MoU between Ujung Kulon National Park and Ujungjaya Village. The outcome of the agreement is expected to be a joint commitment between the Pandeglang Regional Government and the Ujung Kulon National Park Office to support the conservation efforts of the Ujung Kulon National Park with the community.

In the 2020 Ujung Kulon Festival an art performance was performed by elementary and junior high school students from Sumur District, an exhibition of various Community Empowerment products around the Ujung Kulon National Park and the planting of Butun trees at the Location of the Community-Based Conservation Education Center by Pandeglang Regent along with the invitees.

Also attending the Ujung Kulon 2020 Festival were the Officials of the Banten Province SPKD, Pandeglang Regency SKPD, Sumur and Cimanggu District Leadership Communication Forum, Sumur and Cimanggu District MUI, Village Heads, Stake Holders, Ujung Kulon National Park Workers, including executive director YABI, Widodo Ramono who has worked for a long time in Ujung Kulon National Park, as well as the surrounding community. “Together We Can” let’s make Ujung Kulon National Park a Community-based Eco Tourism Destination while maintaining its conservation.


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