Celebrating World Rhino Day 2019, ‘Rhino Goes to School’ visited 4 elementary school

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YABI in partnership with four Sekolah Alam Indonesia located in Cipedak, Cipayung, Meruyung and Studio Alam implemented a tour of outreach to children in the 4 elementary schools. The outreach was implemented through fun-learning activities in each of four schools such as presentation, fun games, video, story-telling and rhino costume play. On September 13, YABI visited Sekolah Alam Indonesia in Studio Alam, On September 16, YABI visited Sekolah Alam Indonesia in Meruyung, Depok, on September 17, YABI visited Sekolah Alam Indonesia in Cibinong, and on September 17, YABI also visited Sekolah Alam Indonesia in Cipedak, West Java.135 students of grade 5 elementary from four schools participated in the outreach event, presenting a session on introducing types/species of rhino in the world, characteristic features of Javan and Sumatra rhino, their status, behaviour, and efforts undertaken by YABI and partners to stop the rhinos from extinction. The event was also filled by a presentation and fun quiz with a token prize, and Q&A,

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